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Welcome to PartyDQ
PartyDQ is the global online fashion retailer in Nanjing, China and offers a large selections of occasion dresses and provides complete one-stop shopping for all Dancing Queens. Since we began, we have selected long-term cooperation relationship carefully with factories in Guangzhou and Suchow and also won a lot of customers from worldwide and become a leading dress retailer by means of our fashion styles. Thanks for choosing PartyDQ, we will bring a wide assortment of fashion finest to create the best online shopping experience for our customers.

PartyDQ's Promise
As we know, 85% of the party dresses are made in China around the world, including many well-known designer bands. PartyDQ guarantees that our dresses will change the view of the low quality products made in China. At the same time, PartyDQ takes pride in onvenient Customer Service, Fast Delivery Worldwide, Safe Payment Online, Affordable Price and High Quality. As we forge into the future, our premium collections will continue to offer the highest level of service, quality and value.

2. Special Customization Different customers have different requests
PartyDQ offers Special Customization for customers. Any dress you are interested in at PartyDQ, we can custom tailor dress according to your body shape and demands. Whatever dress you get in our website, it is unique for you. Welcome to try our special customized.